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A Water Conservation Company Providing Submetering Solutions

Our Value

Existing Sub metered Properties:

We take over all the responsibility of submetering and make sure property managers do not have to be involved with the installation process while offering homeowners excellent customer service and real time data with our smart meters

New Properties/ Developers:

Installing submetering systems drops utility usage 35% While stabilizing budgets and creating responsibility for utility spikes. Submetering is a low-cost solution with high returns and longevity for any property.

Types of Properties We Service

Multipurpose Properties

We specialize in condominiums, townhomes, apartments and commercial properties.

Multifamily Construction

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Let us improve your community!

Leave utility billing and submetering maintanence to experts like us, so property managers can focus on what matters most, your community. Our Phoenix Water Solutions team wants to help better your community and inform you of the benefits of submetering. Call us now and let us know when we can attend your next board meeting!

Problems we solve

No more utility spikes, controlling yearly budgets, lowering overall water costs, creating accountability, preserving Arizona’s most precious resource, large sewer adjustments.

What is Submetering?

Master meters - single meters that read the total water consumption of a community - are commonly utilized in commercial and residential properties. Monthly dues are calculated by meter readings and divided by the number of units, the dues are then included into HOA fees or Rent. The HOA is responsible for the water and sewer bill regardless of how the cost is divided. Water submetering eliminates billing each unit an average of the total bill, by installing water meters into individual units, homes or commercial buildings.

Results of Submetering

After submetering, tenants are only billed for their individual use, the fairest practice of dividing this large expense. The HOA will continue to pay the monthly water and sewer dues to the local municipality, but Phoenix Water Solutions will read meters, bill based on usage, collect from tenants, and remit collected funds (minus our service fee) and management reports to the property on a monthly basis. This now allows the HOA community to retain 70%-85% of the total water bill. This money can be allocated to improve the community, raise property value, and build reserves. Research has found that water consumption decreases 25%-45% when a property is submetered. It has since become the standard to install individual water meters in residential and commercial properties. 

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Submetering is the process in which water meters are installed into each individual unit. This allows us to bill units separately and accurately, reducing monthly water usage and expenses.


Submetering is a small investments with a huge payoff.



We work as a united team with HOA organizations in the greater Phoenix area to give our clients the highest quality service and support possible.