Types of Properties

Increase your property’s value by allowing Phoenix Water Solutions to effectively manage your utilities. The longer you wait to submeter the more money you are missing out on!

We are there every step of the way to ensure a seamless integration process. We know what it means to submeter a property correctly.

We plan to be there for more than just the install, to us submetering is a relationship with a property.

Our goal is to take on all the questions and concerns tenants may have when it comes to their utility billing.

Manual Meter Readings

Manual reads are most common during a transition from an existing submetering system. This service is the least expensive but also is the least versatile.

Ratio Utility Billing

Ratio Utility Billing is an implementation used when individual meters cannot be installed. We use an advanced algorithm to calculate tenant bills based off factors such as square feet, number of tenants, bedrooms, and appliances.

Property Benefits

Low Cost Solution- Installing a submetering system is an inexpensive service that creates many large benefits for a property.

Increase Property Values -Submetering is a great way for tenants to save money. This will give them another reason to live in your property.


Tax Rebates -Cities typically provide tax rebates when a property can create a significant reduction in water usage.

Conserve 35% of Water- When tenants are accountable for their utility usage the overall usage for a property is reduced by up to 35%.

Tenant Benefits

Avoid Utility Spikes -After a property is submetered the utility spike will be allocated to the tenants accountable for the influx in usage.

Rent Changes- Budgeting is made easy when properties do not have to worry about the varying cost of water.


Pay Less- 70% of tenants save over $200 yearly when a property is submetered.