Smart Utility Billing

Benefits of Smart Utility Billing

Smart Utility Billing is the future of submetering. Our Smart System has the highest utilization and versatility. Having this system allows you to know more about your property in real time.

Leak Alerts

Tenants can now be notified within two days if there is a possible leak or abnormal   consumption so they may solve the problem before receiving a high bill.

Eliminate Error

Human error is the most common reason for incorrect billing. By tracking data and updating it remotely we can eliminate superficial errors.

Minimal Maintenence

Being able to leave these meters untouched elongates their life span.

reduce phoenix city water bill with submetering and utility billing services

What does it mean to partner with Phoenix Water Solutions?

Phoenix Water Solutions is the complete utility billing package. We set the standard in the industry for what it means to have your property submetered. We offer dedicated customer service combined with progressive technology that guarantees quality, and consistent performance. Submetering is a small investment with a huge pay off for all communities. We work with you to make a custom program that ensures your satisfaction with our services.

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