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In commercial construction they do not run utility meters to each individual unit but set up one master meter for an entire community. The community residence are responsible for the water and sewer bill no matter how much they may have contributed. This bill is broken up evenly by the number of units and then is included into HOA dues or Rent.

Water Sub Metering is the installation of water meters into individual units within apartment , condominium, town-home or commercial buildings. Once a community is sub metered, the tenants are only billed for what they use. This is obviously the fairest and most common practice of dividing this large expense.

When a property is submetered, research has found the consumption of water drastically decreases 25%-45%. It has since become the standard to install individual water meters for each unit within multi-family and commercial developments.

The HOA will still pay their monthly water/sewer bill to the local municipality, but Phoenix Water Solutions LLC will read, bill and, collect from the resident and remit collected funds (minus PWS Service fee) along with management reports to the property on a monthly basis. This allows the HOA Community to now retain 70%-85% of the total water bill. This money can be used to improve community, raise property value, and increase reserves.


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Your HOA monthly water bill is $16,000. The sub metered homeowner pays for the water they use. PWS collects the money from the homeowners based on actual water usage. PWS then gives the money collected back to the HOA, minus a service fee collected from the homeowner. The HOA now has reoccurring income of approximately $11,000-$13,000 per month.

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The first step is to have a plumber evaluate the property. They get the details on the system and develop a cost proposal. We then submit the costs to the HOA, and gain approval. Once approval is granted, sub-meters are installed and the HOA begins building reserves for future investments and projects to increase the value of your communities property as a whole.

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Every property is different and that is why a PWS representative will evaluate your property to find out what the best options are to install your utility meters. The average return on investment for the new utility meters is under 16 months. The sooner you are able to install meters the sooner your property starts saving money and increasing reserves.


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Everyone is talking about “Going Green”. What does that mean and how does sub metering support green efforts? “Going Green” includes a variety of programs and initiatives to reduce water use and support the environment. Sub metering is an inherently green product as it promotes water waste awareness and water conservation for HOAs as well as homeowners.

  • Retain %70-80 of water costs
  • Reduce Sewage bill (Separate landscaping/pool water and what actually goes on the sewer)
  • Lower overall usage of water by 25%-45%, isolate costly leaks
  • Improve Community property values by reducing operating costs
  • Build Community Financial Reserves
  • Convenient Web Based Billing System with 24-7 access
  • Easy and safe payment options for residents. We accept check, credit card, debit card, even cash. Online, mail or in person.


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