Are You Overspending on Water? Install Water Monitoring Technologies & Lasting Infrastructure

Phoenix Water Solutions is a water conservation company focusing on reducing your water expense and usage. We do this by bringing the best & newest technologies into the Water Utility Industry. We provide Property Owners, Residents, Managers, Developers, HOAs, Engineering Firms, Municipalities, and more with the confidence to not overpay on an Important resource. We are passionate about understanding our customer's needs and building efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Since 2015 Phoenix Water Solutions has made sure every customer has the confidence that they only pay as much as they need to.

We provide comprehensive audits to compare your usage against similar users to make sure our suggestions will move the needle.

Phoenix Water Solutions needs talented individuals interested in being a part of our team and making an impact.

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Protecting Your Most Precious Resource

Water Scarcity is a threat worldwide. Solving this issue takes qualified people with a mission to make progress. Phoenix Water Solutions strives to make an impact on conservation by offering financial savings to its customers. Visit Our Blog and Learn more about what matters most to Phoenix Water Solutions.