Utility Submetering Solutions for Homeowners Associations

Phoenix Water Solutions is a water conservation company focusing on bringing the best technology to the water utility industry. Our service includes installation of high-quality plumbing products alongside water utility and billing management. We are passionate about understanding our customers' needs and building simple but efficient products and cost-effective services. Our comprehensive database incorporates all the information necessary to measure accurate usage and ensure functionality.  This includes the review of meter data, billing data, payment information, customer information, work orders, online bill presentment, and payments.

Submetering is the process in which water meters are installed into each individual unit. This allows us to bill units separately and accurately, reducing monthly water usage and expenses.

Submetering is small investment with a huge payoff.


We work as a united team with HOA and developers in the greater Phoenix area, to give our clients the highest quality service and support possible.

We Promise


Monthly Utility Tracking


Accurate Billing


User Friendly Payment Methods


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Protecting Arizona's Most Precious Resource

We protect Arizona’s most precious resource by diligently monitoring individual water usage and so aiding the community in becoming more environmentally conscious.